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Our Local Pool Liner repair service is here to help you protect this important part of your pool. Because if it is broken or damaged, your entire pool is at risk. Keeping your pool liner in good condition helps to preserve your pool from mold and all sorts of damages.

This part of your pool is not permanent and you can expect to replace it every few years, depending on the quality you chose initially.

Repairing or even making minor fixes to your pool liner is better done by a professional. We know how tempting it can be for somebody who is an avid DIY guy but calling a true expert might save you some trouble down the line. You want a quality pool liner repair that lasts. Keeping your swimming pool in optimal condition should be your only concern.

​Creating a reliable pool liner repair service in South jersey has been our main focus since we started Dave’s Pools of South Jersey. We have completely streamlined the process and made it fast and efficient, limiting the hassle for our customer and the downtime for your swimming pool. At the same time, we have also put together the best team of pool experts possible while purchasing top-notch equipment that only a pro can find.

Costs will always be reasonable for you since our prices are under control. We are among the most competitive pool maintenance company in South Jersey and we strive to make our services affordable for all the local residents. Having a pool expert coming to take a look at your pool is not a luxury, it is rather a necessity.

General liner repairs of all types can be performed. When you start noticing some tears and holes in your liner, it is generally time to call us over. Once you book and appointment and accept our quote, we will make the trip to your house to take a look at your swimming pool. Establishing a diagnosis and deciding which repair to perform is necessary before taking any action. It is good to pause and reflect on the best course of action to adopt.

Even though we like opting for “no-rush” solutions, it doesn’t mean our turnaround time is slow, far from it! We are among the fastest in the market. This is possible due to our experienced pool professionals and our quality equipment. We know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Several options are available when it comes to swimming pool liner replacement and you can choose any of them. The cost for you will be lower than expected, so no need to put a dent in your wallet, we got your back. Inground pools and above-ground pools are both covered by our service. There are no excuses to not call us: we can do it all!

Cleaning your pool liner can be a possible option too. We use specific cleansers to scrub down the surface. Repair kits can also be used for smaller damages to your pool liner. A minor fix can sometimes avoid further damages.

The primary purpose of pool liners is to retain the water inside the swimming pool. You obviously see how crucial it is when it comes to a swimming pool. A pool leak is nothing fun and you should avoid it at all costs. Even a small issue with your swimming pool could provoke a disaster in your backyard and make the pool unusable. This is bad news, especially if you are in the middle of summer when you and your family enjoy the pool on a daily basis.

Regular maintenance should be performed even when your pool is closed to make sure the weather and time have not damaged your pool liner. A simple visit by one of our staff from time to time is enough. Spotting small rifts and weak spots in time is what a professional can do for you.

You should opt for thicker liners rather than a thin one at the moment of construction. Pay attention to how many ministers or gauges your liner is. Since it is attached to the swimming pool coping, every time a repair or replacement is needed it can be easily removed.

Depending on your usage, you will choose a material that is durable and resistant. For most homeowners, vinyl is enough. However, commercial and public pools will need even stronger materials such as concrete or plaster.

Here in South Jersey, we can witness extreme temperatures changes so vinyl is usually the most appropriate pool liner material for your needs. This material can brittle over time and its average lifespan is between 7 to 10 years. No need to worry too much about freezing and thawing cycles, your vinyl pool liner can perfectly handle it and our pool experts will keep an eye on your pool liner during its entire lifetime.

Dave’s pools of South Jersey is in the business of helping people just like you making the most of their swimming pool without experiencing the usual challenges posed by owning one. Your swimming pool should only be a synonym for joy, relaxation and lazy, sunny days spent on a lounge chair with your loved ones.

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