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When the winter comes, it is time to protect your pool against the elements. Winters can he harsh in our region and pool closing is a must for every homeowner.

Letting your pool open is simply not an option, especially in South Jersey. That’s the reason why we have created an amazing pool closing service that will make you relax and smile again.

We follow a strict procedure and enforce strict standards when it comes to pool closing. Preparing your pool for the cold season is an important step destined to preserve your pool in the long term. If you overlook it, you might end up experiencing problems down the line, sometimes even several years later.

Pool closings are our specialty and we take pride in doing properly every single time. This is crucial for your swimming pool. The transition period must be well-prepared to be completely smooth. Fortunately, with several decades of experience in the pool business, we can confidently say that we have the know-how necessary to carry it out successfully each time without failure.
Winterize Inground Pool

Winterizing of the plumbing lines, adding specific chemicals to preserve the water quality and making sure that the operation systems are in order…these are all important elements of closing your pool for the winter. Don’t worry, the pool liner and all the other pool surfaces will be protected too against staining and other possible damage. We got your pool’s back!

Falling leaves and branches can cause damage during the winter but we make sure that it doesn’t affect your pool at any time. A quality winter cover usually does the trick. Investing in your pool closing is a worthwhile investment that pays dividends in the form of having a pool in perfect working condition for many years instead of having to call a technician for repair every so often.

Pool Closing Services

Call us now at (856) 678-6200 and book your appointment, it is time to get your pool in optimal shape before closing it!

We will check your pool for missing or damaged tiles and we can even install updated technology system that will keep your water crystal blue and sanitary. Replacing your outdated chlorine-based system by a salt chlorination can make a big difference. Your water will be sparkling clean no matter the season and fewer chemicals will be needed.

That’s a great change if you don’t like the odor emanating from chlorine and if you are sensitive. Skin and eyes irritations will be greatly reduced. Pool repair, pool service, and pool parts are all provided by us. We were conceived as a one-stop shop for all your swimming pool needs.

Our professional pool service will help you manage your pool system more efficiently. Pool maintenance with us is a breeze and totally hassle-free. Some customers even told us: “If I knew it existed earlier, I would never have tried to do it myself.

​Don’t let water seep through the joint and avoid any further damage by contacting us before closing your pool. We will work something out around your schedule and come to inspect your property as soon as possible.

Closing your pool is not solely about putting on the cover. Incorrect preparation or adding too many chemicals can damage your pool more than you know, and the damages will be seen only months later when the pool reopens.

Testing the water, lowering the water level and cleaning thoroughly your pool are the steps we will take to make sure that your pool is functional all year-round. We pay attention to each detail to make your pool the cleanest and safest in the neighborhood. No Subpar pool maintenance here, only high-quality.

Our prices are still competitive and you will not have to worry about costs. You pay for what you get and you get even more since we are offering great value and bonuses that will leave a smile on your face. Cost-efficient solutions that don’t empty your coffers: this is exactly what you are looking for and we get it.

Call us also for renovation or general repair services. When it comes to your pool, everything is interrelated: pool openings and pool closings, pool repairs and pool maintenance. Even supplying pool parts is part of this business. Do not try to install them yourself without proper experience, though you might have to call a certified technician to rectify and sometimes even repair what you have done.

We are your favorite pool cleaners and pool service company in South Jersey. For more information about our area of service or if you need a service that is not listed above, please feel free to give us a call and let’s discuss your needs.

Pool vacuum and other supplies are part of our equipment to ensure superior pool cleaning at all times. Pool care at its finest is what we do, without compromising on quality ever. We are professional pool sweepers that know their job inside and out. Inground pools and above ground pools are both covered and will get the same red carpet treatment that we like to offer to our customers.

What if VIP treatment became the norm? Our customer care is close to exceptional and we will never leave you unhappy or dissatisfied with our level of service. “Going the extra mile to make you smile is” our credo. We believe that reputation and ethics are everything in this business like in any other.

Focusing on providing fantastic value is what has made us successful today in South Jersey and beyond. We believe that our mission comes with a responsibility that is greater than the mere sphere of pool service: we want to be an example for each business when it comes to work ethic, value, customer care, sourcing quality materials and recruiting excellent staff members. Let’s set the bar higher for all businesses!

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