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Having an underground pool is a true blessing. It makes your property a better place. The blue water brings a whole sense of serenity and quiet that will calm your mind and your nerves.

Daydreaming while staring at the translucent water or reading a book while laying on a lounge chair is so nice. But all this can quickly turn into a nightmare when your pool needs repair.

You have invested tens of thousands of dollars in upgrading your backyard and building a nice in-ground pool and suddenly, something goes wrong. Whatever the material, vinyl, fiberglass or concrete, you will face the same issues.

We have created Daves Pools with an idea in mind: providing the best inground pool repair services in South Jersey.

​Resurfacing your pool every few years will be necessary. Changing the pool liner too. And of course, the motor or the pump can experience some issues, break down, stop working…

Regular maintenance is required to keep your inground pool in optimal condition but even when taking care of your pool on a regular basis, bad things can occur. Weather conditions, heavy use, and many other factors can affect your pool and you cannot do anything about it.

First of all, a pool expert needs to take a closer look at your pool and make sure everything is alright from time to time, at least every few months. A thorough inspection will uncover possible technical failures, damaged parts or components, and water quality issues.

Once the diagnosis has been established, repair can take place. Our team comes to your house with the necessary equipment and performs the repairs needed. We will take our time to be sure that this is not a quick fix. Lasting repairs are what we aim for unless you want to see your pool guy come back every few weeks.

It is all about the longevity of your pool. The average life expectancy can be extended or at least preserved if proper care is provided. Given the cost of your underground pool, you want to keep it as long as possible and minimize the costs of reparations and maintenance. You made an investment and you want to preserve it.

Of all the materials, fiberglass pools are the ones that last longer, 20 years on average. Concrete pools even longer, but if you include the cost of resurfacing, you need to take everything into consideration before making any decision. Yes, having a pool is expensive. There are no such things as cheap in ground pools. But it will certainly add value to your property if you plan to resell it or simply to have a great-looking view from your patio.

By finding a great pool company to work with, you are buying yourself some peace of mind. We take care of everything from start to finish: pool liner repair, pool resurfacing, pool tile repair, pool leak repair, pool patch, pool crack repair, pool leak detection, pool light repair, pool cleaning, pool maintenance, pool restoration pool renovation, pool coping repair, pool refinishing, pool remodeling and more.

Every single aspect of your pool is fully covered by our company. An exceptional team of professional pool experts has been assembled over the years and we are proud to serve the local residents.

Give us a call now by contacting the following number: (856) 514-3574 and tell us about you, your pool, and what we can do for you. We are pool lovers that love to give ideas, tips, and advice about swimming pools. This is our world and our passion.

We love when things go smoothly and that is why we have invested so much effort in designing the ideal pool repair service for the South Jersey area. We are truly local and as such we understand better than anybody else the weather, the needs and the imperatives that may fall upon you.

We are here to relieve you and take some of your responsibilities on our shoulders by handling every single problem related to your swimming pool. Inground pools are one of our specialties and with more than twenty years in the business, we have come to know very well what challenges pool owners might be facing.

Trust us to do the right thing. Trust is built over time and we encourage you to check our testimonials and talk with other pool owners that have worked or are working with us currently. At the end of the day, and in any industry, reputation is all we have. So we work hard to preserve it and make sure nothing will come to tarnish it.

Every member of our staff, from the operators to the pool repair guys, are reliable, professional and on time. Ongoing training is provided to our team and they also attend seminars and conferences related to the pool industry. It is extremely important to us to keep abreast of the latest changes and trends. Our expertise is the basis of our business.

Your pool maintenance company, this is what we want to be. No need to call several companies and to ask around for quotations. Our prices are among the best in the New jersey and keeping your costs low doesn’t mean we do not deliver quality, far from it.

Offering the best quality/price ratio has been our constant obsession since our inception. We believe you can have the best of both worlds and maintain your underground pool in perfect condition without having to break the bank.

Contact us for anything that bothers you: pool plaster repair, pool plumbing repair, pool filter repair, pool pipe repair…our many skills will save you and your pool some trouble. Also, keep in mind that we work around the pool so pool step repair can be done. Your pool is a full-time job, don’t try to do it yourself and call the pros!

We provide under ground pool repair service at the following areas: Alloway, NJBeckett, NJCarneys Point, NJMannington Township, NJOldmans Township, NJPennsville, NJPenns Grove, NJPilesgrove, NJQuinton, NJSalem, NJWoodstown, NJ and more

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