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Fixing your pool does not have to be expensive and our costs are competitive at all times. A pool repair service that is within your means: that is how our whole service has been designed. We want every local pool owner to be able to afford quality pool repair whenever they need it.

Pools above the ground are the easiest solution for busy homeowners. Even though the costs are less important than a regular inground pool, opting for a higher-end above ground pool is still possible. Railing and decking can be included if you ask and pay some extra. If you have the possibility, choose a heated one that will extend the time you can stay in the water. Springs in South Jersey are still rather cold and seeing the sun doesn’t mean that the water will be warm, far from it.

With a single call, you can receive the assistance you require within a short time. Fixing your pool fast and for a limited cost will save you money down the line since it usually avoids bigger repairs that might come in the future. It is when you let things slip that you get your pool into trouble. A tiny hole might go undetected for months or might be easily overlooked, but this kind of smaller problem can turn into a nightmare if it goes unaddressed.

Let our team do the heavy lifting while you relax with your family. Our staff is composed of capable men and women who have decades of experience in the pool business. You can definitely count on us every time you experience some issues. Above ground pool repair is one of our specialty.

Call us now at (856) 678-6200 for everything from above ground pool leak repair to above ground pool liner replacement. Sometimes your pool is not damaged per se but some parts need to be replaced. Our well-stocked warehouse offers everything you will ever need to upgrade, repair, or replace any part or element of your above ground pool.

Contact us now for a great quote at no cost to you. Our free estimates are detailed and help you make an informed purchasing decision. Your above ground pool is in good hands. Repairing it and maintaining it has never been so easy. Daves Pools is at your service all year long for all your pool needs.

We provide above Ground Pool Repair Services in the following areas: Alloway, NJ – Beckett, NJ – Carneys Point, NJ – Mannington Township, NJ – Oldmans Township, NJ – Pennsville, NJ – Penns Grove, NJ – Pilesgrove, NJ – Quinton, NJ – Salem, NJ – Woodstown, NJ and more

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